Start-Ups and Small Business

It can be difficult for growing businesses to keep up with everything, whether you are new business with a few employees or you just hit your stride and are growing every day. The thought of adding employees can be daunting when considering all the costs from salaries, benefits and training. Obviously a growing business will need to add employees but it also makes sense to outsource some areas if you can.

I know, the thought of adding a consultant can also be daunting! I've been there, I've been an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and managed growing businesses. I've worked with bad consultants that sucked time and money out of the business without any accountability or measurable results. My goal is to bring a well-rounded expertise to your business or project . I will work alongside your team, I will listen, I will ask questions and I'll always work hard. I have extensive experience in sales and marketing and I've been involved in many different areas of business including:

Marketing: new customer acquisition and retention, social media and mobile campaigns, design and creative, branding, e-mail, direct mail, event marketing.

Sales: sales rep recruitment, sales team training and management, CRM implementation and training (salesforce and several others), sales presentations, developing sales process and much more.

Management: employee recruitment and training, vendor selections and RFPs, vision, strategy, compliance, new location assistance and negotiation.

Administrative: knowledge in accounting and payroll solutions, human resources, vendor relations. 

Maybe you have an on-going sales or marketing campaign but can't justify adding an employee.

Maybe you are looking at a new vendor or adding a new piece of software and need an outside opinion. Or maybe you need different ideas on new sales or events to drive revenue.

Whatever you need, I'll add value. I've partnered with start-ups with three employees as well as businesses with 100's of employees and multiple locations. Adding employees costs much more in time and money than adding someone like me, even if its almost full-time. Additionally, you don't need to worry about employee training, turnover and benefits.

My costs are fair, I can work project-based but most clients have on-going projects and we are able to negotiate something that works well for both parties.

Give me a call, I'd love the opportunity to meet with you and your team.