On-Demand Consulting - Sales / Fixed-Ops / Admin / Business Development

To start, I hate calling what I do consulting, for some reason it sounds to me like a huge firm that comes in with hundreds of consultants taking over your business and telling you what to do.

I consider myself a partner. You have goals for your business, or even just a project goal, and you need someone to help. The question is, do you hire someone full-time, hire a big firm, or hire someone like me and the resources I bring to the table.

My goal is to bring a well-rounded expertise to any project in your dealership. I will work alongside your team, I will listen, I will ask questions and I'll always work hard. I have extensive experience in many areas within dealerships and here's a sampling of my strengths.

- AutoAlert - Expert level knowledge of the AutoAlert software and marketing platform from my time as a performance management consultant with the company. During my tenure in 2018 and 2019, I worked with every department within automotive dealerships regularly to develop short and long-term strategic plans to drive more traffic to both the sales floor and service lanes. I consulted with all levels of management from dealer principals, GMs, GSMs, Sales Managers, Fixed Ops Directors and Service Managers. I also worked extensively with sales and BDC consultants on general sales techniques, phone and in-person word tracks, follow-up strategies, and much more. Working with all these different dealers and each department was an invaluable experience, the automotive industry knowledge I added was priceless.

- Service department marketing. I've worked with many dealers to drastically increase revenues from retention, acquisition and higher average repair orders. Service departments have virtually unlimited potential for dealers, you just need to tap into it.

- I've created thousands of very successful direct mail pieces from the idea, the design, the list preparation (really important!), and the printing and mailing. plus, I can save you at least 30-35% on using another marketing firm or printing provider, and we have total control, and that flexibility can payoff in multiple ways.

- New and pre-owned sales events, service clinics and other events.

- E-mail, social media and web marketing, both the design and implementation.

- Extensive knowledge of several marketing, advertising, DMS, and software providers and their solutions. Looking to add or change vendors, I can help.

- I've set-up and helped managed several business development centers, large and small, to set appointments, follow-up on service appointments and assist sales staff.

Maybe you have an on-going sales or service campaign that you can't justify adding an employee. Maybe you are looking at new ad agencies and need an outside opinion. Maybe you would like to have someone work with your fixed ops staff to increase retention but your ad agency is too expensive or are concentrated on the sales side. Or maybe you need different ideas on new sales or events to drive revenue.

Whatever you need, I'll add value. I've partnered with tiny dealerships as well as huge dealer groups. Adding employees costs much more in time and money than adding someone like me, even if its almost full-time. Additionally, you don't need to worry about employee training, turnover and benefits.

My costs are fair, I can work project-based but most clients have on-going projects and we are able to negotiate something that works well for both parties. Give me a call, I'd love the opportunity to meet with you and your team.